Rupert Barnes

Many years ago when full of the naïve enthusiasm of youth I filled a few web pages with random jottings, and on occasion added odd bits as came to interest me. I might have removed it all in embarrassment as I moved up in the world, but I found that some of these odd pages, even those I had not thought about for two decades, were suddenly popular, and referred to as resources on other sites across the worldwide web. That being so I could not simply remove such material. Therefore, here it is, still, for those still interested.

Welcome then to my resources home page.

Things to be found within:

Hunts The Huntingdonshire Society
- and -
The List of the Counties of the United Kingdom
Englisc Englisc Leaf ("Old English Pages"), my humble contribution to the community of enthusiasts for Old English language and culture.
The Union; the full, original texts of the Acts of Union in 1707 and in 1800, with links to the Revolution Settlement of 1688-9 of which the 1707 Union was the ultimate conclusion.
  Letters and characters: Towards a standard: Should there be a standard for letters and characters accepted by public bodies for registration?  In a linguistically compex world, only knowing twenty-six letters is simply not enough.

Other Things of Interest:

I am the Vice-Chairman of the Association of British Counties and a Trustee of the Historic Counties Trust.

One of my favourite sites is the Regia Anglorum site. Learn more about yourself by going back to the Anglo-Saxon root culture of this land. Peel off the layers of strange Norman manners and modern Londonish prissiness. Find out about how life was lived properly.

Combining the two, and if you enjoyed the Engliscan Leaf how about a glance at the Old English Pages from Georgetown University?

A fascination with linguistics often leads to an occasional interest in artificial languages. It is not an active subject for me, but for amusement I have included a few notes and projects from younger days on my Artificial Languages page interesting.

Good hunting.